Best Gift for Boyfriend under 500 | Best Diwali Gift for Boyfriend.

Hey, are you surprised to see me with an article on the best gift for boyfriend in 500? I have realised that many want to give the best gift to their boyfriend but they have a tight budget of 500 rupees. 

It does not matter that the reason you are giving a gift it can be valentines gift, Christmas birthday or Diwali gift but that thing matter is how can you show your love and give something memorable and appreciate able in a tight budget of 500 rupees for boyfriend.

but that thing comes out that finding the best present for boyfriend could be a tricky thing and also like a brain wreaking. 

Best gifts for boyfriend in 500-

Everyone wants to gift something unique simple and memorable thing that make an impact on the relationship with boyfriend.

Well, whatever the reason will be don’t worry we will discuss today the best gift ideas for boyfriend under 500 that you can order from Amazon.

We recommend you to buy from Amazon because it is a trustable website and provide you with the best customer service and easy to use and quick delivery.

If you want to show your feelings to your boyfriend then you cannot afford to put a price on your feelings. So today we will talk about the fantastic gift and ideas that you could buy in a single note of 500.

Best gifts for boyfriend in 500

These low-cost ideas will make you think unique and out of the box with happiness. So just steps to the article and read on.

So now we are going to start our gift ideas that that can help you to express your feeling towards your boyfriend in a unique way.  Now you are going to give something that he actually wants togoese careful and only goes for the things that it loved by him.

Today we will help you to find out the perfect gift for your relationship which you can get waste ideas just sitting on your chair you just have to do is go through this article carefully we will also tell you some quick hacks for your boyfriend gifts.

Unique gift ideas for boyfriend under 500-

1. Engraving Pens

Engraved pens are the smartest and new fashion personalized product at home.

With the help of this, you can show your creativity on all the surfaces that engraving pen works and the thing you have to do is just show your skills on something like rubber or synthetic fibre leather.

You just have to oo test to the valuable products and things of like wood glass and the ceramic you can buy it online from the link given below.

2. LED Shot glasses

If you are doing a party without shot glasses you will think that it is incomplete because it will not provide you with the luxury and awesome beautiful light experience.

Just imagine the feeling of that your alcohol is on light up. By water-activated glasses are the best pic for your new trends technology and gadget lover friend.

He can use it safely at home as a decoration purpose also and you can get these things online at Amazon under a price tag of under 500.

3. Magnifier portable projector

Everyone wants to enjoy the experience of the projector but it is not possible that everyone can afford such an expensive thing.

So to make this thing reliable and easy to purchase you can buy a smartphones magnifier projector which turns the small display into a projector with very easily.

It is is very portable foldable and lightweight just you have to do is slide your smartphone into it and watch the magnified video.

4. Transparent Touch calculator

A thing which we needed most in our day to day life is a calculator. we use the calculator very frequently.

Yes, I know that smartphones are also capable of doing such work that a calculator can do but it is a better choice to use a calculator for study. Because it avoids the distraction of smartphone for students.

It is a perfect gift with beautiful design another man thing is that it is solar powered energy.

5. Periscope prism glasses

We face lots of problem of neck pain because we do not concentrate on incorrect posture that we do most of the time with our body.

So to make KitKat you just have to do is read these glasses and lie down on the bed or you can just read comfortably without hurting body. It is a very unique product and definitely, your boyfriend does not use it in his life.

When I use this first time I really also loved it this product with its unique concept.

6. Bracelet Data Sync

This is variable which you can wear out on your hand it looks like a simple bracelet but it acts differently.

You can use it more like data sinking or charging cable also so you can use it to transfer magic simply match with your dress. 

We can list this product also under the category of best gifts for your boyfriend under 500 so it can be a sensible and best gifting item.

7. Water bottle

So this is something that we should carry when we travel somewhere or should we go office water is a very necessary thing and if your boyfriend loves to go gym then he can also carry there in the gym.

You can find it in a range of 300, in my opinion, this is also under a price tag of under 500.

8. Fogg Scent Men

It is a germ that people feel about the senses and it is very strong to type with memory emotions.

This fragrance also makes your sentiments and it is a personal choice for finding the right perfume or a gift could we add time-consuming.

It does not appeal to the recipient there are perfume match preferences. Everyone loves pregnant so you can also go with waste perfume.

9. Boat Headphones 

This is something that is best-rated quality headphones under 500 I have used this brand as much and now I am using from last 8 months the best quality is very good and the sound clarity I loved it.

I am also a music lover and I am totally satisfied with it so if your boyfriend is a music lover then just go for it.

The small things make big difference so just you buy and gift it to your boyfriend it is also in your budget of under 500 rupees.

10. Sunglasses

Boys use sunglasses very e I’m a frequency because they love it and if themur boyfriend also uses sunglasses then it could be best.

because for this you don’t have to spend so much case and you can also so get the best UV resistant I safe lenses and lightweight sunglasses.

The quality will be so premium that it is merrily recorded and have gradient lenses so it will never make you feel uncomfortable.

11. Boxers

The boxes are the thing that boys use in everyday life and if you give it to your boyfriend then it could be a unique and bold birthday gift for boyfriend.

Dayz funky pair of boxers will make your pick out the cool choice. So now you can check it out on Amazon with the brand Jockey also under 500 rupees.

With this choice, you can say that being comfortable is fun for boys.

12. Shoes

This could be the coolest thing because these edges style flags of the season you can get with soft leather and dizzy height of Vibe.

This Mall things make an impact on a relationship so you can go for it and this use is so trendy nowadays all boys love to wear like these shoes.

13. Plastic camera Mug

Every boy loves to take off your tea and it will be an easy different experience if he takes in his girlfriends gift.

This camera lens plastic coffee mug in black colour looks amazing and if you are not using it then it also makes help in decoration of home because of its unique style.

These coffee mugs I love for the voice so if you are a girlfriend and want to give something to your boyfriend under 500 rupees then this could be best.

14. Lorenz Combo

Men’s love sunglasses watches wallets and if you want to gift any of this then it will be so much loving gift and your boyfriend will appreciate it.

But the thing is more possible that is you gift a combo pack of sunglass watches and wallet.

It could be much better than your previous idea it is not also so expensive you can gift 18 your price tag of under 500 rupees and also look premium and awesome.

15. Personalised decorative Mug

This time that thing that could be better is is a coffee mug that can make you ideal for tea milk soap or any beverages also it could be an ideal gift for friend boyfriend and brother.

The quality print of mug is a very smooth finish and easy to hold the size of this coffee mug is also appropriate.

16. Park Avenue grooming Kit

Now the next thing in the category of unique gifts for boyfriend in 500 is park Avenue grooming kit you can get it in 350 and the thing that makes it more interesting is it will be a combo of 8 products of park Avenue grooming kit.


We have talked about unique best gift ideas for boyfriend under 500 but if you are not satisfied and want more like these then you can check it out even more article in which we have covered so many gift ideas Best gift ideas for boyfriend.

Now if you talk about something more romantic birthday gifts for men then we could go with some more unique products that come for free.

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