Best surprise ideas for best friend in 2021

A best friend is such a gift in life. It’s important to do something to make them happy and feel special. Find the best surprise ideas for best friend every now and then to remind them how special they are.

Nothing makes you feel more alive and joyful than experiencing true happiness with a friend or loved one.

Your closest and dearest friend will always have a special place in your heart and you in her/his heart. So make him also feel good on his special surprise gift.

Show your appreciation for that special friend who’s always been there for you. Do something occasionally to surprise them and brighten their day. Just an occasional phone is not enough.

You should reach out to him/her in some very special way and surprise him/her with an act of appreciation for your deep friendship.

Birthdays are the most happening day of a year. Everybody related to you is really very excited for you.

You could go shopping, eating, hang out with friends, cut cakes, and have lots and lots of fun. It is the right chance to surprise him/her.

Best ideas to surprise your best friend on birthday –

Well, if your friends birthday is nearby, then you better have a good plan to surprise him/her.

Many a time, we make some mistakes and the most common mistake that we make is we plan and stress a lot on the gift and ignore the ideas for a surprise birthday party for best friend.

So what do you do now? Save for a gift? Or plan a nice birthday party? Or have both the things falling on the same page?

It’s not a big deal to plan a birthday surprise, and if you are looking for ideas about a surprise birthday party for a best friend then check out some of my favourite ways to surprise your best friend.

I’m pretty sure by the time you reach the end of the article, you will already have an idea for a surprise birthday party for best friend.

1. Adventure trip

The adventure trip is to most exciting thing that you want to be a part of this. May be  it’s been a long time when you and your best friend went for a adventure trip. This idea definitely a great surprise.

On birthday, call your best friend and just tell him/her to meet outside his/her home. When he/she will come, then you have to tell that “it’s a short trip, so no problem what you have to come”.

Adventure trip

You can call other friends also. Go to mountains or beach, climbing, camping, river rafting, tracking, adventure sports etc. for couple of days.

The important thing is that you enjoy your time together and get a chance to catch up on old times!

2. Gift from old days memories

We all have good memories in our past. We have fond of many things and we enjoyed them. It could be anything for example me and my friend had fond of making paintings. We used to love making paintings. We made a lot of paintings together those days.

Like this might be you and your friend both had fond of something.Why don’t you gift that thing to your friend, he/she will get surprised to see the gift from you?

I am going to give all my old coins as gift wrapped up for the surprise. I’m actually doing this to make my best friend happy and want to make his birthday special.

You can also do the same thing, believe me, he/she will be very surprised to see that kind of gift. And your friendship will be stronger than now.

3. Surprise with a gift and letter

Now a days everything has changed in world by technology. Distance is increasing continue between people. Now we talks friends on whatsapp, facebook or we send them email etc. I found these days people generally do their work easy, just by wishing their friends and relatives using digital platforms.

I suggest you to not do this. She/ he is you best friend and you should give him wishes in proper way, not like this. Because I have something very different in my mind.

Surprise with a gift and letter

The idea is simple but different from the common things that everybody does. I am talking about writing a letter. Write it by your own hands and write it with love and affection. Mention the memories both of you spent together. And send it him/her with a adorable gift.

If you are confuse to choose a good gift for you best friend you can check our lists Best gift ideas for boyfriend and Best gift ideas for girlfriend. This cute surprise from you can make his/her whole day happy.

4. Cook for her

In case you are someone who loves to cook then why don’t you cook something for your best friend calling him/her up at your home? This will be really a surprise to him/her. You can think of cooking something special for your best friend. Invite him/her to your place and cook a special meal.

Cook for her

So, on his/her birthday call his/her and tell his/her that come to my place as I have a very special thing for you for your birthday.

Cook something which is your signature dish or something new that you want to try . It will be definitely surprising for him/her. Enjoy the birthday moment with some nice drinks and food and of course Netflix!

5. Go for a long drive with your group

This my favourite kind of ideas for a surprise birthday party for best friend. I know many of you might be working or you’re in the day to day life and you can’t go for a trip.

So if the trip doesn’t work for you then you can go for a long drive with your group of friends on your best friend’s birthday.

Go for a long drive with your group

You can plan a sudden and unplanned road trip for your bestie and this may be fun for him/her. That means you can surprise your friend just by taking him/her for the trip at the moment.

Just walk at him/her doorstep and then give him/her a sudden adrenaline rush and ask him/her to pack him/her bag and disclose that you are going on a road trip. This will be really surprising for him/her. Take a nice break from your daily schedule and have a birthday blast.

6. Go for a movie

How is the idea of taking your best friend in a movie? yes, you read right I am suggesting you spend some quality time with your best friend.

Almost everyone likes to watch movies an may be your best friend also. Take him/her on the movie and have some popcorn and snacks with him/her.

Go for a movie

Surprise him/her by dropping movie tickets at his/her mailbox around midnight that will make it special.

Pick him/her on the next day and go for a movie. Your best friend would never forget this amazing surprise.

7. Invite him/her to lunch together

This is something that you can do on your best friend’s birthday. Invite him/her at your place and take lunch together. You can also go to any nearby restaurant for lunch.

Having lunch with best friend on his/her birthday will be really amazing and joyful.

Invite him/her to lunch together

Now the advantage of having a lunch party with best friend is that you have a lot of choices and variety of food dishes that you could either prepare or order.

And like always if you are good at cooking, you can surely cook something. Ask you birthday girl/boy to get their hands dirty and come to join in the fun.

8. Plan a pool party

If your best friend’s birthday comes in summer then you can plan a pool party. It is a surprising idea.

Everyone likes to go to a pool party in summer. Invite your friends and then pick up your birthday boy/girl and drop him/her at the planned swimming pool and surprise him/her with your friend’s group.

Plan a pool party

Be a water child with friends and enjoy your bestie’s birthday. Create a surprise pool party for your best friend that won’t be soon forgotten.

You can also go to the River or waterfall to enjoy in natural ways. And this will be a great surprise for your best friend.

Bring some safety equipment with you and avoid any harmful incident. And this unforgettable day makes your friendship stronger.

9. Send flowers with wishes

Flowers are the best way to send birthday wishes to your best friend. Flowers are beautiful and they have really good pure fragrance which also odour your friendship. Send bunch of flowers with a birthday wishing card is a great idea to surprise her even if you busy.

It’s not matter how you send flowers to you bestie.The important thing is that your friend’s day is made that much brighter when he/she receives those beautiful flowers from you.

Also send a wishing cart that express your sentiment,love and affection for him/her.

10. Midnight cake delivery

Birthday is never complete without a cake. And cake is mostly required thing for birthdays. But how we can surprise Best friend with a birthday cake? Don’t worry I suggest you a idea to surprise your best friend with a midnight cake.

Midnight cake delivery

Birthday cake at your best friend’s doorstep right at 12 midnight is the best surprise. You know about your Best Friend’s taste, about his/her favourite flavour, and type of cake your friends prefer.

So buy a cake from any nearby bakery shop or place an order for that special day or time. You may also add some Birthday chocolates with the cake.

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11. Surprise party with old school friends

Old friends are people with whom we have spent our most of the fun time and we had so much fun with the friends. You know the happiness of meeting with school friends after a long time.

surprise party.

So to give the gift a surprise party with old school friends we have to plan and call all school friends secretly without informing to the birthday person.

After giving surprise to birthday person you will be amazed about his happiness. Definitely, this idea will also be loved by him most on the list of birthday surprises ideas for best friend.


So at last now after reading this long article, you are now I think clear for best surprise ideas for best friend. Now you can give a good treat to your best friend birthday.

Now the thing you have to do is you should implement all plans without reviling secrets otherwise your plans will not be plans. Enjoyment of surprise will be no anymore.

If you want to surprise your husband or wife than also you can use these ideas than after you will not have to research more about best ideas for best friend.

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